That Old-Timey Feeling


I found the three lonely journal entries I wrote in 2015. They were hopeful, naive and vague, not much has changed. But there was one little paragraph I wanted to share in this blog. I write more about not writing than anything else, so it fits the theme quite well. Continue reading


Dear 2017 – Letters to the Void


Dear 2017,

                Welcome. I’m awfully sorry, but my home is a mess. Hope you don’t mind.

                I tried hard to clean everything out before you arrived, but these stains are stickier than I thought. I’m sorry.  I wanted to clean it for myself, actually, but still I couldn’t. All my furniture is broken, the windows are as dirty as the walls, there are family photos scattered around and I’ve been drinking cold and unsweetened tea from a cracked mug since January 1st. My tablecloths are patched up, my fancy clothes were stolen and everything I baked got burnt in the oven. I lost the plates, or broke them in rage, I can’t remember which, but they aren’t here anymore. My bed collapsed under my weight that one night I gave myself the privilege to sleep and all the flowers jumped out of their vases and walked away. I think the wind knocked off my door, I haven’t checked, I don’t go outside much anymore. Continue reading

What to expect

Things have changed, I have changed and now I need writing more than ever. It almost hurts. It hurts to come back, it also hurts to back away, so I hope I’m making the right choice. I liked having a blog even though I didn’t know how to take care of it. Maybe now I’ll do a better job.

This year I want to introduce some new things. I have decided I will stop The Wooden Box of Letters and There Was Once A for a while. I’ll try to keep posting Quotes and a sprinkle of something new. I’ll start a series called Letters to the Void, which I intended to write as a book at first. And, since I have been fooling around on Wattpad, I’ll publish a few stories there, such as 3 Mirrors (and a poem).

I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed writing it. I don’t want to make any promises this time. I just want to overcome the hurt.

Hope you have a wonderful day,


I swear.


I don’t know if anyone still reads this blog, or if anyone (besides myself) ever cared for it in the first place. But I felt the need to write one more time, a thank you note telling you I’m fine, I’m alive and I’m writing. And that’s the way things should be for me.

This blog is dry and dusty, I haven’t been taking care of it properly. I know. But it also knows I’m busy, unfortunately one can’t garden it all day long. That doesn’t mean I get to justify abandoning it altogether. In fact, I didn’t. I think about this blog every single day and the emptiness of it. The shadows, what could have been and what it sadly is. But this blog isn’t dead, forgotten things never are.

I’m still studying journalism, I will enroll to an Arts of Writing major next year, I got my first job a yer ago. I got published in a book of poems, the first poem I’ve ever written. I’m writing most days, and most days I think about writing. I’m still working on my first novel, I began another book and started writing a collection of unsent letters. I’m participating in contests and producing a blog to learn and teach English as a second language. I’m doing so much, unluckily none of it gets shown here. But this isn’t some window in a shop, all the things I love here don’t fit and don’t belong. Just a few of them do. And that’s the way things should be for me.

Life has been weird and I’ve done weird things with it. Writing this blog wasn’t one of them, but I hope someday I can come back. Or at least it will be remembered (or forgotten) as the wonderful white room that started it all.

Take care, and I hope you are having a wonderful day.

See you soon.